Why I am Independent

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I am Independent because let’s face it there is not much difference in the two main parties. Neither party ever is willing to change the status quo the promise big changes but, in the end, they do nothing different. The founding fathers warned against parties or different factions in government. The parties divide people to keep power for their side. If you drop the partisan label, it’s easier to drop the partisan mindset and avoid partisan reflexes to good or bad policy. The two main parties aren’t all that different anyway. For example, what if all the millions raised by the RNC just directly went toward causes Republicans would support like supplying medical care, counseling, financial aid, and adoption services to young mothers who don’t want to abort, but cannot afford to carry to term? Or what if all the money the DNC raised had just directly gone toward causes Democrats support, like for instance, setting up a charitable trust to supply health insurance for the children of low-income families?Parties are often more interested in power than policy. Parties love to play red team / blue team. For many party functionaries, it’s more about getting people with the “right” letter next to their name elected, and less about making life better for the people they represent. The same exact party will act radically different when it’s in power than when it’s out of power, then criticize the other party for doing the exact same thing. This has happened in multiple branches of government at multiple levels of government. We’ve all seen it happen it is happening right now.It was members of both political parties that ran up the national debt, authorized the president to take us to war, bail out rich corporations with middle-class and poor workers’ money, passed and renewed the Patriot Act, and got us to where we are today! Not the independents. If you don’t like the status quo, remember that parties brought us the status quo. No “independent-controlled” Congress can be blamed for the status quo.Democrats- were you honestly happy with President Obama? Republicans- are you honestly happy with President Trump? Does anyone honestly believe if Democrats had full control of the entire government for twenty years, or if Republicans had full control of the entire government for twenty years– that at the end of either time our country would be better off? The whole leftwing / rightwing dichotomy is nonsensical. We are told our entire lives to think outside the box, but when we think about something as nuanced as public policy, we try to cram the entirety of our views into a single, one dimensional line. That makes no sense at all. Parties perpetuate the silly linear model of political ideology. Parties spend most of their time and energy fighting about the things they disagree on and almost no energy passing the arguably simple, common sense, and desperately-necessary reforms that most Americans agree need to be passed. Policies are more important than personality, and parties often become cults of personality for this or that rising star within the party. 

You know what I’m talking about.

 This why I am Independent.