• Vision One

 I believe in a rational and reasoned approach to gun legislation that can improve the safety of all Americans without infringing on the right to bear arms established by the Second Amendment.

  • Vision Two

I support the Second Amendment and people’s rights to responsible gun ownership. We understand that a armed and trained populace can relieve the fear of mass shootings.

  • Vision Three

I will vote no on any and all version of “Red Flag” Laws.

It is in my opinion that Red Flag laws are a prime example of government overreach and seriously lack due process and can be the starting point for a ban on other objects that are used to end the life of our people.

  • Vision Four

I believe that we must Monitor the dark web or sites that sell second hand firearms to stop gun running transaction or fire arms getting to the wrong place before a crime is committed.

  • Vision Five

Enforce a strong cooperation between NICS and other organizations that process background checks so that a convicted felon, violent offender, dishonorable discharged military personnel, or someone with a mental illness cannot obtain a firearm.

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