Take a peek inside Sam's Vision for change

Vision One

Strengthen our border by investing in technology such as motion sensors, infer red cameras, and drones that will allow us to monitor and asses the situation, without a need to stretch our CBP and ICE agents paper thin. 

Vision  Two

Sponsor a bill in the house to fund our border security by liquidating the assets that we receive from violent drug and human traffickers.

Vison Three

I also believe in America’s unstinting moral obligation to help genuine asylum seekers.

Vison Four

Before we work on serious immigration reform we must uphold our end of the bargain to those who are here already on the Deferred Action for Child Arrivals (DACA). If they haven’t committed a serious crime and are showing that they want to be productive members of the American society Amnesty or Permanent residency needs to be thought about.

Vision Five

The process to apply for citizenship needs to be streamlined, affordable, and their safety must be put first. If immigrants are serious about wanting to help lead America in a positive direction, then we must be willing to meet them half way and continue you their want or need to come to our nation.

Vision Six

Establish a DMZ between high trafficked areas of America and Mexico to allow a safety net for those who are fleeing a dangerous environment to come to the United States. 

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