Sam's Vision For Our Military

Vision One

I will make sure our Military has the proper tools needed to start and complete a field operation.

Vision Two

Create an avenue for the best funding possible to secure our assets, take care of our men/women in uniform, have successful operations, and be able to compete with the growth of foreign Military forces.

Vision Three

I will put a transit system in place that will track soldier’s items and track the moving companies activity in terms of where the package is currently, it’s destination and the personnel handling the items.

As a Veteran I’m tired of my brothers and sisters items being damaged by careless movers and them not being held accountable. 

Vision Four

I support a robust military force and where Veterans’ have access to affordable healthcare, education, public safety, and civic discourse.

Vision Five

I will mainstream the Veterans Affairs hospitals and clinics so that our veterans can have a better experience at the VA. This will lower their stress levels (which will lead to happier staff and services). 

Vision Six

Speed up the process that allows  veterans to control their own health care decisions so they don’t have to drive

hundreds of miles to a substandard care provider.


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