The Platform for 2020 election

What Sam Believes


As a nation of immigrants, I support legal immigration tied to the country’s economic needs and ability to assimilate newcomers. I support strong borders. I also believe in America’s unstinting moral obligation to help genuine asylum seekers. I affirm that part of the definition of self-government is the right of order to define who may and who may not become part of the nation.

The STEAM educational framework of science, technology, engineering, arts, and math should guide the urgent reform of K-12 public education in America. We must elevate and invigorate our nation’s teaching force – our future makers.

Quality healthcare must be made affordable and accessible to all Americans. Creativity, innovation, and selflessness are essential to achieving this overly complex and challenging goal.

I stand for equal civil rights for all American citizens regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation. I strongly support the Fourth Amendment’s prohibition of unreasonable search and seizure and believe that the Amendment applies to privacy as well as liberty.


I believe a free press is vital to a healthy democracy, and I condemn all attempts by government officials to intimidate, deride, obstruct, or undermine the critical role of the press in a free society.

I support a robust military force that will meet the nation's legitimate defense needs. I support proper foreign policy and humanitarian goals essential to American ideals.

I believe in fair trade and support strong trade agreements with partners and allies around the world.

A sustainable economy with fair access to opportunity at a time of rising anxiety about the implications of artificial intelligence-driven automation's is essential for our nation’s future. I passionately believe in the principle of inter-generational responsibility in this regard.

I support our military and Veterans’ access to affordable healthcare, education, public safety, and civic discourse.

I support the Second Amendment and the people’s right to responsible gun ownership. I believe in a rational and reasoned approach to gun legislation that can improve the safety of all Americans without infringing on the right to bear arms established by the Second Amendment.

To maintain and improve the quality and nutritional value of our nation’s food supply, government policies and programs must include the needs and voices of small and family-owned farms, ranches, and fishing operations – the core of rural and small-town economies – and must be included in all policy decisions that impact our national and local food supply. 

I am for running the 2020 Election for a better El Paso.