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I served on 5 continents and in 15 countries during my 29 years of military service including El Salvador, Honduras, and Columbia. All around the world I have seen firsthand how politicians have manipulated the citizenry for their own personal gain. Unfortunately, this same type of manipulation is occurring right here in El Paso. Please take a moment to ask yourself why your taxes continue to rise and never go down. Then ask yourself why no matter how much you protest and speak out, they disregard your concern and instead do as they please. Finally, ask yourself why you are working harder today but still unable to build a solid savings account. The answers to these questions are clear. The government is not concerned with you or your family best interest. Care and concern only exist at election time. 

My promise to El Paso is one of hope. My goal is to give the government back to you. As an Independent representative, I answer directly to you, not to a political party that exists for big banks and corporation. Democrats nor Republicans only serve the party narrative and not the people! Together we can put the power of government back into the hands of the people.

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